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Contamination features and health risk of soil heavy metals in China.
China faces a big challenge of environmental deterioration amid its rapid economic development. To comprehensively identify the contamination characteristics of heavy metals in Chinese soils on aExpand
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Assessment and validation of groundwater vulnerability to nitrate based on a modified DRASTIC model: a case study in Jilin City of northeast China.
The assessment of groundwater vulnerability to pollution has become a useful tool for groundwater pollution prevention and control. Following the theory of overlay index method and with the aid ofExpand
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Soil and soil environmental quality monitoring in China: a review.
Over the past few decades, numerous concerns have been raised in China over the issue of environmental sustainability. Various soil survey and monitoring programs have been carried out in China toExpand
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Distribution of phthalate acid esters in lakes of Beijing and its relationship with anthropogenic activities.
The distribution of 15 phthalate acid esters (PAEs) in water, sediment and suspended particle samples from representative lakes of Beijing was investigated and its relationship with anthropogenicExpand
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Environmental vanadium distribution, mobility and bioaccumulation in different land-use Districts in Panzhihua Region, SW China
In order to characterize environmental vanadium distribution, mobility, and bioaccumulation, a total of 55 soil samples and 36 plant samples were collected in four typical land-use districts inExpand
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Sulfate Radical and Its Application in Decontamination Technologies
This article gives a broad overview about the status and progress of the sulfate radical-based decontamination technologies. Peroxymonosulfate or persulfate can be activated by energy or a catalyzerExpand
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Groundwater nitrate pollution and human health risk assessment by using HHRA model in an agricultural area, NE China.
In order to learn the pollution circumstance of groundwater nitrate detailedly in Songnen Plain of Northeast China and estimate its potential risk to human health of local residents, a total of 389Expand
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Source apportionment and health risk assessment of trace metals in surface soils of Beijing metropolitan, China.
Understanding the exposure risks of trace metals in contamination soils and apportioning their sources are the basic preconditions for soil pollution prevention and control. In this study, a detailedExpand
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Contamination characteristics, ecological risk and source identification of trace metals in sediments of the Le'an River (China).
Recognizing the pollution characteristics of trace metals in river sediments and targeting their potential sources are of key importance for proposing effective strategies to protect watershedExpand
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Evaluation of Soil Contamination Indices in a Mining Area of Jiangxi, China
There is currently a wide variety of methods used to evaluate soil contamination. We present a discussion of the advantages and limitations of different soil contamination assessment methods. In thisExpand
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