Yangsun Lee

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  • Kyeong Hur, Won-Sung Sohn, Jae-Kyung Kim, Yangsun Lee
  • 2013
In this paper, an IEEE 802.15.6 wireless body area networks (WBAN) medium access control protocol is developed to support a wireless USB (WUSB) application as a protocol adaptation layer (PAL). Even though we can avoid colliding packets using CSMA/CA, hazard of beacon collisions still remains in the WUSB over WBAN networks. Further, in order to solve beacon(More)
General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit (GPGPU) computing with CUDA has been effectively used in scientific applications, where huge accelerations have been achieved. However, while today’s traditional GPGPU can reduce the execution time of parallel code by many times, it comes at the expense of significant power and energy consumption. In this paper, we(More)
Evolving NAND flash-based Solid State Drives (SSDs) tend to get denser and faster, and these are quickly becoming popular in a wide variety of applications. Flash-based SSDs are composed of dozens of non-volatile flash memories with multi-channel and multi-way architecture. Due to the physical limits, Flash Translation Layer (FTL) is employed for the(More)
Development of computing environments and mobile devices lead to rapid growth of smart device, mobile OS and application market. Especially, the mobile platform sector with major runners of Apple and Google, compose the core technology for mobile applications. iOS and Android represent mobile platforms each supporting individual execution environment,(More)
  • Jae-Kyung Kim, Won-Sung Sohn, Kyung Hur, Yangsun Lee
  • 2013
The rise of smartphones and computer tablets has been shifting computer tasks to mobile applications. Educational environments are changing quickly as a generation of learners grows up with technologies such as tablets, smartphones and other smart devices. With the success of mobile textbook market, tablets are replacing paper textbooks to digital.(More)
In the existing smart devices, the contents for each platform there are a unique development environment, and thus are developed in a suitable method and the development of language is also different. These issues cause additional costs when developing the contents on various target platforms it is impossible to make the contents compatible on the various(More)