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General Purpose Graphic Processing Unit (GPGPU) computing with CUDA has been effectively used in scientific applications, where huge accelerations have been achieved. However, while today’s traditional GPGPU can reduce the execution time of parallel code by many times, it comes at the expense of significant power and energy consumption. In this paper, we(More)
This study aimed to find the effects of 12-week chiropractic and lumbar exercise program on the lumbar muscle strength and Cobb's angle in 16 adolescent students with scoliosis. The patients with scoliosis did not have neurological symptoms and surgery experience. Each group of eight subjects received chiropractic and lumbar exercises three times a week.(More)
Recently, data-dependent permutations (DDP) that are very suitable for intelligent multimedia and ubiquitous computing systems have been introduced as a new cryptographic primitive for the design of fast encryption systems. The CIKS-128 and CIKS-128H block ciphers are the typical examples of DDP-based encryption algorithms. In this paper, we show that(More)
In this paper we introduce a general framework of related-key attack on block-wise stream ciphers which are suitable for the protection of multimedia and ubiquitous systems. As a case study, we show how our cryptan-alytic framework is applied to a block-wise stream cipher TWOPRIME: we construct various related-key differentials of TWOPRIME and use them to(More)