Yangshuai Liu

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Li-ion hybrid supercapacitors (LIHSs) have recently attracted increasing attention as a new and promising energy storage device. However, it is still a great challenge to construct novel LIHSs with high-performance due to the majority of battery-type anodes retaining the sluggish kinetics of Li-ion storage and most capacitor-type cathodes with low specific(More)
Multishelled hollow structured transition metal oxides (TMOs) are highly potential materials for high energy density energy storage due to their high volumetric energy density, reduced aggregation of nanosized subunits, and excellent capacity and durability. However, traditional synthetic methods of TMOs generally require complicated steps and lack(More)
Graphene fibers (GF) have aroused great interest in wearable electronics applications because of their excellent mechanical flexibility and superior electrical conductivity. Herein, an all-in-one graphene and MnO2 composite hybrid supercapacitor fiber device has been developed. The unique coaxial design of this device facilitates large-scale production(More)
Poly[1-[4-(3-carboxy-4-hydroxyphenylazo)benzenesulfonamido]-1,2-ethanediyl, sodium salt] (PAZO) is a polymeric functional material with a number of unique physical properties, which attracted significant interest of different scientific communities. Films of PAZO were deposited by anodic electrophoretic deposition (EPD) under constant current and constant(More)
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