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A method for the identification of the rate-dependent hysteresis in piezoceramic actuators is proposed. In this approach, both a so-called generalized gradient of the output with respect to the input of the hysteresis and the derivative of the input that represents the frequency change of the input are introduced into the input space. Then an expanded input(More)
In this paper, a two-stage method for identification of the sandwich systems with hysteresis is proposed. In the first stage of this method, a monotonic and independently incremental signal is used to degenerate the hysteresis into a static function with one-to-one mapping. Thus, the sandwich system with hysteresis can be transformed into a system described(More)
A feedforward compensator for rate-dependent hysteresis in piezoelectric actuators (PEA) is proposed. In this method, a model with parallel structure is proposed to approximate both hysteretic behavior and rate-dependent feature of the PEA. In the model, the rate-independent hysteretic performance is approximated by a neural network based on the so called(More)
In this paper, an identification scheme for sandwich systems with a dead zone is proposed. In this scheme, a so-called combinational input is proposed to transform the sandwich model with a dead zone into a model with separated parameters. Then, the recursive general identification algorithm can be applied to the parameter-estimation, since the transformed(More)
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