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Ruili Dong a, Yonghong Tan b,∗, Hui Chen c, Yangqiu Xie d a A0503221, Department of Automation, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai 200040, China b School of Electronic Engineering, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China, Chengdu 610054, China c Laboratory of Intelligent Systems and Control Engineering, Guilin University of Electronic(More)
In this paper, an identification scheme for sandwich systems with a dead zone is proposed. In this scheme, a so-called combinational input is proposed to transform the sandwich model with a dead zone into a model with separated parameters. Then, the recursive general identification algorithm can be applied to the parameter-estimation, since the transformed(More)
In this paper, a two-stage method for identification of the sandwich systems with hysteresis is proposed. In the first stage of this method, a monotonic and independently incremental signal is used to degenerate the hysteresis into a static function with one-to-one mapping. Thus, the sandwich system with hysteresis can be transformed into a system described(More)
A feedforward compensator for rate-dependent hysteresis in piezoelectric actuators (PEA) is proposed. In this method, a model with parallel structure is proposed to approximate both hysteretic behavior and rate-dependent feature of the PEA. In the model, the rate-independent hysteretic performance is approximated by a neural network based on the so called(More)
A recursive gradient identification algorithm based on the bundle method for sandwich systems with backlash-like hysteresis is presented in this paper. In this method, a dynamic parameter estimation scheme based on a subgradient is developed to handle the nonsmooth problem caused by the backlash embedded in the system. The search direction of the algorithm(More)
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