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Detecting rivers from remotely sensed imagery is an initial yet important step in space-based river studies. This paper proposes an automatic approach to enhance and detect complete river networks. The main contribution of this work is the characterization of rivers according to their Gaussian-like cross-sections and longitudinal continuity. A Gabor filter(More)
Four types of systems with different degrees of geometric constraint and intermolecular correlations were studied to determine the differences in their thermodynamics. The average configurational internal energies of these systems were calculated using Monte Carlo simulations, and the results are compared at the same temperatures and constant average bulk(More)
The morphological and structural evolution of WS2 nanosheets under electron irradiation is investigated using high-resolution transmission electron microscopy. During irradiation, the sulfur atoms that interacted with the electrons were sputtered first and the tungsten atoms began to sputter when the surrounding sulfur atoms had been sputtered. With an(More)
  • Yangming Chen, Xiuhua Jiang
  • 2017 IEEE 9th International Conference on…
  • 2017
In this paper, no reference video quality evaluation algorithm is researched and analyzed, and we implement a two-domain no-reference video quality assessment method: First, a compressed domain sub video quality assessment model is implemented based on the encode information are extracted from bit streams, then the video similarity between the distortion(More)
A new analytical approach is proposed to model aggregation of molecules with isotropic, nearest-neighbor, attractive interactions. By treating the clustering process as a chain reaction, equations with the exact high temperature limit are derived by evaluating the occupation probabilities of nearest neighbors based on the Ono-Kondo approach for a hexagonal(More)
Liquid-vapor density profiles are derived from the equilibrium limit of diffusion equation for interacting particles. These profiles are in good agreement with classical hyperbolic tangent relation. For simple Lennard-Jones fluids, predicted density distributions agree with computer simulation data, but have a slightly sharper transition zone. For alkali(More)
A new approach is developed for lattice density functional theory of interacting symmetric dimers at high temperatures. Equations of equilibrium for two-dimensional square and three-dimensional cubic lattices are derived for the complete set of configurations in the first three shells around the central dimer, and rules of truncation for higher shells are(More)
A new lattice density functional theory (DFT) approach is proposed for symmetric dimers taking into account all possible configurations for molecules adjacent to a central dimer. Comparison with Monte Carlo simulations shows significant improvement of the proposed model compared to previously developed version of lattice DFT for dimers. It is shown that the(More)
The Kelvin equation for a compressible liquid in nanoconfinement is written in a form that takes into account not only Laplace's pressure, but also the oscillatory compression pressure. This leads to a simple analytical equation for pressure in nanocapillaries. The corrected equation is used to analyze properties of aqueous systems, including the(More)
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