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A noncoherent amplitude shift keying (ASK)-based RF-interconnect (RF-I) system design for off-chip communication is analyzed. The proposed RF-I system exploits the simple architecture and characteristics of noncoherent ASK modulation. This provides an efficient way of increasing interconnect bandwidth by transmitting an RF-modulated data stream(More)
A new technique using a left-handed (LH) resonator to generate a multiband millimeter-wave carrier signal is proposed in this paper. The LH resonator exhibits nonlinear dispersion characteristic, which enables uneven spacing between resonant frequencies. With <i>N</i> stages of the LH unit cell, there are <i>N</i>/2 +1 resonant frequencies from the(More)
Power and bandwidth requirements have become more stringent for DRAMs in recent years. This is largely because mobile devices (such as smart phones) are more intensively relying on the use of graphics. Current DDR memory I/Os operate at 5Gb/s with a power efficiency of 17.4mW/Gb/s (i.e., 17.4pJ/b)[1], and graphic DRAM I/Os operate at 7Gb/s/pin [3] with a(More)
A fully-integrated 8.4 Gb/s 2.5 pJ/b mobile memory I/O transceiver using simultaneous bidirectionaldual band signaling is presented. Incorporating both RF-band and baseband transceiver designs, this prototype demonstrates an energy-efficient and high-bandwidth solution for future mobile memory I/O interface. The proposed amplitude shift keying (ASK)(More)
A cognitive tri-band transmitter with forwarded clock using multi-band signaling and high-level digital signal modulations is presented for serial link application. The transmitter features learning an arbitrary channel response by sending a sweep of continuous wave, detecting power level, and accordingly adapts modulation scheme, data bandwidth and carrier(More)
The demand for higher power efficiency and bandwidth is increasing as mobile devices keep enhancing its graphic computing and media processing capabilities. Current memory interfaces with single-wire signaling operate at 5Gb/s/pin [1] and 6Gb/s/pin [2] with the power efficiency of 17.4pJ/b/pin and 15.8pJ/b/pin, respectively. Mobile DDR memory I/O with(More)
This paper presents a novel self-equalized and skewless frequency-division multiplexing memory interface. To prove its feasibility, we have realized a 5-band QPSK transceiver in 40 nm CMOS to transmit up to 4 Gb/s through 10 orthogonal communication channels (each with 400 Mb/s) via on-chip TSV emulator with effective loading of 1 pF or 5-cm FR-4 PCB trace.(More)
A cognitive tri-band transmitter (TX) with a forwarded clock using multiband signaling and high-order digital signal modulations is presented for serial link applications. The TX features learning an arbitrary channel response by sending a sweep of continuous wave, detecting power level at the receiver side, and then adapting modulation scheme, data(More)