Yangho Chung

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Undesirable outputs are often produced together with desirable. This joint production of good and bad outputs bring about a difficulty for productivity measurement. Here we introduce a directional distance function and use it as a component in a new productivity index. This index, as an empirical example shows, seems to solve the problem caused by the joint(More)
The purpose of this paper is to develop models with and without potential emissions trading and to compare industry profits under the two regimes. The model in which emissions trading is permitted is a nonparametric industry frontier model in the spirit of Färe et al. (1992). It is relative to this model that industry profit is computed. This profit is(More)
  • Y Chung
  • In'gu pogŏn nonjip = Journal of population and…
  • 1982
This study provides a realistic population projection for the Republic of Korea for 1980 to 2000, by using the most recent census data. The projections are done by using the component method. The adjusted age and sex distribution of the population as of 1 July 1980, is taken as the base population. While only 1 assumption for mortality is made, 3 sets of(More)
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