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MOTIVATION The explosion of next-generation sequencing data has spawned the design of new algorithms and software tools to provide efficient mapping for different read lengths and sequencing technologies. In particular, ABI's sequencer (SOLiD system) poses a big computational challenge with its capacity to produce very large amounts of data, and its unique(More)
SUMMARY We have developed an RNA-Seq analysis workflow for single-ended Illumina reads, termed RseqFlow. This workflow includes a set of analytic functions, such as quality control for sequencing data, signal tracks of mapped reads, calculation of expression levels, identification of differentially expressed genes and coding SNPs calling. This workflow is(More)
Despite much research [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] has been devoted to the optimization of multiple spaced seeds for different sensitivity criteria, we proposed the following three methods to generate full sensitive periodic multiple seeds. For large genome re-sequencing application, multiple index tables can be queried with the MapReduce framework as(More)
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