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The identification and validation of drug targets are crucial in biomedical research and many studies have been conducted on analyzing drug target features for getting a better understanding on principles of their mechanisms. But most of them are based on either strong biological hypotheses or the chemical and physical properties of those targets(More)
The one class classification (OCC), a special learning framework dealing with the positive and unlabeled dataset, has ubiquitous applications, especially in the era of information-explosion. Since it has aroused researchers' interests from both academia and industry, we provide a comprehensive revisit to algorithms for the OCC from the perspective of(More)
The efficiency of model-aided decision making relies on the intelligent level of model selection. The purpose of this paper is to develop a new algorithm for model selection based on genetic programming. In the algorithm, the meta-models are classified according to the characteristics of the sample data, and the combined models are built as tree format. The(More)
Mining drug targets from database is a problem of challenge but significance, which has received much attention from academia and industry. As a main source of drug targets, proteins have abundant sequence properties analyzed by the modern measuring techniques and those properties provide a new perspective for detecting the potential proteins as drug(More)
It is necessary for the Intelligent Decision Support System to automatic select models, but there is less the available strategy. The knowledge-based automatic model selection strategy is proposed in the paper. The model is represented by knowledge frame and the reasoning trees are established according with the fact base and knowledge base, and then the(More)
The usability of model-aided decision relies on intellectualized level of model selection. An algorithm of Model selection based sample data is proposed in the paper. The meta-models are classified by characters of the sample data, and the assembled models are built as tree format. The genetic operations are performed under several restrictions to provide(More)
Model-aided Decision is one of important method in Decision Support System. With more and more models are studied and built, which are used in different fields, model selection has important effects on the performance of model-aid decision. The algorithm of model selection based the knowledge frame is studied in the paper. The experiment shows that the(More)
The identification of drug target proteins (IDTP) plays a critical role in biometrics. The aim of this study was to retrieve potential drug target proteins (DTPs) from a collected protein dataset, which represents an overwhelming task of great significance. Previously reported methodologies for this task generally employ protein-protein interactive networks(More)
The concept of ‘big data’ has been widely discussed, and its value has been illuminated throughout a variety of domains. To quickly mine potential values and alleviate the ever-increasing volume of information, machine learning is playing an increasingly important role and faces more challenges than ever. Because few studies exist regarding how to modify(More)
Considering nowadays propagation of Public Opinion possessing different regular pattern and effect, it is the respond of reality demand to research on network propagation mechanism of public opinion. Simulation is conducted based on network structured by improved scale-free network. Instead of study propagation by single method, the paper analyzes the view(More)
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