Yangfan Xiao

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The pathogenesis and etiology of systemic sclerosis (SSc) are complex and poorly understood. To date, several studies have demonstrated that the activation of the immune system undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in SSc pathogenesis. Activated immune effector T cells contribute to the release of various pro-inflammatory cytokines and drive the SSc-specific(More)
Multi-sources massive geographic data give rise to a challenge for data integration and fusion and their application in natural resources and environmental assessment. Heterogeneous data and uncertainty are the main barriers for the integrated assessment and modeling. This paper will give formal modeling methods of assessment target and related uncertainty(More)
With the environmental change and social development, the flood risk of urban watershed obsesses many countries. Integrated flood risk assessment will help decision making. However, integrated assessment is a complex problem which involves multiple factors and uncertainty. This paper has discussed the uncertainty and data fusion of multiple factors for(More)
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