Yangang Cai

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Intermediate view synthesis is a key technique for free-viewpoint video applications. Various methods have been proposed in this filed. However, most of those methods are so complex that they can't be realized for realtime. In addition, a perfect depth image is hard to acquire for the mixtures of foreground pixels and background pixels at the object(More)
Rate distortion optimization (RDO) technique is the best known mode decision method in recent video coding standard, such as H.264 and AVS. However, the unbearable computational burden limits its application. According to the proposed block-level pipeline architecture of RDO-based MD, we find that zigzag scanning and entropy coding are the bottlenecks. In(More)
Fractional-pel motion compensation is widely adopted in the modern video coding standards such as H.264/AVC, AVS, and HEVC etc. The interpolation filter is a critical factor that influences the coding efficiency. In this paper, a generation algorithm of interpolation filter coefficients is utilized. Based on the coefficients generation algorithm, three(More)
This paper describes design and implementation of a multi-programs transport stream multiplexer which is based on AVS system standard. We have developed an AVS TS compliant multiplexer with special considerations for multi-programs multiplexing. In particular, we construct a monitoring structure which can imitate the behavioral model of T-STD and then use(More)
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