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  • Maiga Kinshuk, Sabine Chang, Guangbing Graf, Yang, Maiga Chang, Sabine Graf +1 other
  • 2009
Mobile educational systems have started to emerge as potential educational environments supporting lifelong learning. However, these environments still suffer from various technological and access related problems in many parts of the world. For example, the access to course materials is slow; courseware does not adapt to individual students; the real time(More)
  • Hankui Hankz, Derek Hao Zhuo, Qiang Hu, Yang, Héctor Muñoz-Avila, Chad Hogg
  • 2009
AI planning has become more and more important in many real-world domains such as military applications and intelligent scheduling. However, planning systems require complete specifications of domain models, which can be difficult to encode, even for domain experts. Thus, research on effective and efficient methods to construct domain models or(More)
We study the diffusion behavior of real-time information in an overlaying social-physical network. Typically , real-time information is valuable only for a limited time duration and needs to be delivered before its deadline, indicating that real-time information is more likely to spread among friends within a " social proximity. " With this insight, we(More)
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