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Opinions, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in this paper are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of ASHRAE. Written questions and comments regarding this paper should be received at ASHRAE no later than February 9, 2001. ABSTRACT The impact of airflow on volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from " wet "(More)
Substantial concentrations of trace gases and aerosols are lofted and carried from Asia over the Pacific producing an inter-hemispheric impact on atmospheric chemistry and climate. The meteorological mechanism leading to this large-scale transport of dust and pollutants remains a major uncertainty in quantifying the global effects of emissions from the(More)
P hotonics involves the control of photons in free space or in matter. Manipulation of photons in semiconductor bulk crystals and thin films has culminated in breakthroughs such as LEDs and lasers. The continuing success of photonic technologies relies on the discovery of new optical materials and the miniaturization of optoelectronic devices that feature(More)
BACKGROUND: Circulating cells influence myocardial function during ischemia and reperfusion, (eg, neutrophils exacerbate, and platelets protect the myocardium from deterioration). This study was designed to determine the role of red blood cells on myocardial function following ischemia and reperfusion in isolated rat hearts. METHODS AND RESULTS: Exposure of(More)
Corporate household (CHH) refers to the organizational information about the structure within the corporation and a variety of inter-organizational relationships. Knowledge derived from this data is becoming increasingly important for improving data quality in applications, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP),(More)
This paper proposes a new approach for cluster based routing algorithm for hybrid mobility model to regulating the vehicular traffic. Our approach uses a new hybrid mobility model combining randomwaypoint and group mobility model using static and dynamic sources and a novel cluster based routing algorithm. To transmit the real time updated information and(More)
The weighted quasi-variational inequalities over product of sets (for short, WQVIP) and system of weighted quasi-variational inequalities (for short, SWQVI) are introduced. It is shown that these two problems are equivalent. A relationship between SWQVI and system of vector quasi-variational inequalities is given. The concept of normalized solutions of(More)
  • Chian W. Adlay, Li YJ, Yang
  • 2012
Sequence of closely related plasmids encoding bla(NDM-1) in two unrelated Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates in Singapore. Targeting MCT-1 oncogene inhibits Shc pathway and xenograft tumorigenicity. Oncotarget. 2012, November [Epub ahead of print]. 生技與藥物研究所 生技與藥物研究所 生技與藥物研究所 生技與藥物研究所 1. Ho PJ,Yen ML,Tang BC,Chen CT,Yen BL. H2O2 accumulation mediate(More)
Forest mapping in China and map update at large scale is the objective of Forest DRAGON Project. This paper aims at assessing the classification performance of ENVISAT ASAR Alternating Polarization (AP) data and detecting forest changes during the last decade by comparing the forest maps from ERS-1/2 tandem and ENVISAT ASAR AP data in Northeast (NE) China.(More)