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We use an original panel dataset of migrant departures from the Philippines to identify the responsiveness of migrant numbers and wages to GDP shocks in destination countries. We find a large, significant response of migrant numbers to GDP shocks at destination, but no significant wage response. This is consistent with binding minimum wages for migrant(More)
1. Adaptive blind signal and image processing: learning algorithms and applications-►riken.jp 4. Adaptive blind signal processing-neural network approaches S Amari, A Cichocki-Proceedings of the IEEE, 1998-ieeexplore.ieee.org Learning algorithms and underlying basic mathematical ideas are presented for the problem of adaptive blind signal processing,(More)
  • Ed-Ited, R Bonnichsen, M H Sorg Orono, Maine Center, Brantingham, A P Der-Evianko +11 others
  • 2001
s t ro n g. 1989. " Studies of bone technology and taphonomy, Old Crow Basin, Yukon Territory, " in Bone modification. and spread of agriculture: A new model. current anthropology 21:751–72. The period between roughly 45,000 and 30,000 years ago witnessed several critical events in human evolutionary history, among them the appearance and elaboration of(More)
We document three striking facts that pertain to the impact of globalization on wage inequality in China: (a) the college wage premium in manufacturing stayed flat before China's accession into the WTO in 2001, but rose dramatically thereafter; (b) since the accession, the growth in processing exports of foreign-owned firms has far surpassed the growth of(More)
1 " A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest. " Simon and Garfunkel The boxer This article is an expanded version of a lecture given at the conference on Special Values of Rankin L-Series at MSRI in December of 2001. I have tried to retain some of the tone of an informal lecture. In particular, I have attempted to outline, in very broad(More)
A fingerprint verification system based on a set of invariant moment features and a nonlinear Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) verifier is proposed. An image-based method with invariant moment features for fingerprint verification is used to overcome the demerits of traditional minutiae-based methods and other image-based methods. The proposed system(More)
—An efficiency-enhanced power-amplifier system design is presented based on wide-bandwidth envelope tracking (WBET) with application to orthogonal frequency-division multi-plexing wireless local area network systems. Envelope elimination and restoration (EER) and WBET are compared in terms of the time mismatch sensitivity between the base-band amplitude(More)
This paper presents work from an ongoing project towards developing a new generation of virtual human models that are highly realistic in appearance, movement, and feedback. Santos TM , an anatomically correct human model with more than 100 degrees of freedom, is an avatar that exhibits extensive modeling and simulation capabilities, resides in a virtual(More)
— As association rules widely used, it needs to study many problems, one of which is the generally larger and multi-dimensional datasets, and the rapid growth of the mount of data. Single-processor's memory and CPU resources are very limited, which makes the algorithm performance inefficient. Recently the development of network and distributed technology(More)