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The prognostic role of survivin expression in breast cancer patients has been widely reported. However, controversy still remains. Thus, a meta-analysis was conducted to obtain a more precise estimation of the relationship between survivin expression and overall survival (OS) in breast cancer patients. Relevant articles were selected for further assessment(More)
Using a unique dataset on students from the first regional schools in colonial Benin, we investigate the effect of education on living standards, occupation and political participation. Since both school locations and student cohorts were selected with very little information, treatment and control groups are balanced on observables. We can therefore(More)
A substantial body of research in political science finds that refugees increase the likelihood of conflict within the states that host them. This literature concludes that refugees do so by exacerbating ethnic tensions, intensifying economic competition, and expanding insurgent networks. Related research finds that refugees diffuse regional civil wars.(More)
Previous in vivo and in vitro studies have shown that human mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) exhibit tropism for gliomas. However, the mechanism underlying this directed migration remains unclear. The aim of the present study was to investigate the possible mechanism underlying platelet-derived growth factor-BB (PDGF-BB)-induced chemotactic migration of bone(More)
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