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A new systematic arrangement of the genus Oudemansiella s.str.(Physalacriaceae,Agaricales)
The genus Oudemansiella s.str.has been revised and circumscribed as an assemblage of taxa excluding the genus Xerula s.str.A new systematic arrangement with four
A revised checklist of edible fungi in China
The publications on Chinese edible fungi were critically reviewed, and 187 previously mentioned edible fungi were excluded and 82 newly found species were added. As a result, 966 taxa including 936
Geodynamic background of the mesozoic intracontinental magmatism in Southeast China
The authors have proposed a dynamic model in this paper based on the ages, rock series and associations, Sr-Nd isotopic signatures of the Mesozoic intracontinental magmatism overlying the Cathaysian
Isotopic Geochronology of the Xianghongdian Alkaline Complex, Northern Margin of the Dabie Mountains, China
Abstract To the north of the Qinling‐Dabie orogen there exists a Mesozoic (K1) granite‐syenite belt called the Beihuaiyang granite‐syenite belt, in which the Xianghongdian alkaline complex outcrops