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A role-based PMI security model for e-government
We introduce the general AC (attribute certificate), the role specification AC and the role assignment AC. Expand
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Application Research of Internet of Things Based on EPC Technology
This paper analysis the constitution and the work flow of the internet of things based on the EPC technology,discusse theEPC technology practical application and the promotion of the technology. Expand
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"Taking People as a Dominant Factor" and Campus Culture of Higher Vocational Colleges
Campus culture is one kind of peculiar group culture,and it is also a subsystem or subculture of the social culture system.The relationship between campus culture and "taking people as a dominantExpand
A Summarization of the Domestic Network Culture Research Hotspot in Recent Years
This article,on the recent years domestic network culture research hotspot,makes the summary from the network culture′s definition and the characteristic,the relations between network culture andExpand
Rising of Modern Idea of Study and Its Era Implication
The authors analyze the era basis of the modern idea of study, discuss the difference between the modern idea of study and the traditional style of study, suggest that diversity be the importantExpand
Exploration of the Reward Basis and Standards of Scientific and Technological Achievements
Many institutions of higher learning and institutions of scientific research in China give an annual reward to those scientific and technological achievements,i.e.the papers published in theExpand
Analysis on the Ways of Cultivating Creative Talents in Colleges and Universities
The cultivation of creative talents is not only the ultimate pursuit of universities,but also the demand and expectation of society on universities.In the process of cultivating creativeExpand
Analysis on the technical barriers for cosmetic trade in Malaysia
This article analyses market access requirements and market surveillance requirements,including legislation system,hygienic standard requirements,labeling requirements,claim requirements and relevantExpand
Strategy Research on the Technical Barriers in Food Trade of Japan under the New Situation
On the basis of detailed statistical analysis on the detained situation of food by Japan and the reasons for technical barriers to trade of food export from China to Japan,this paper puts forward toExpand
Study on the Education Mode of the Computer Major in Territorial College
With a view to improve the rate and quality of obtaining exployment, the paper puts forward a education mode on the computer major of territorial college.