Yang Zhang

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Presently the system for recognition of Chinese medical pulse condition mainly aims at single pulse signal; the investigation of compound pulse signal is less. Article mainly researches single pulse signal and compound pulse signal. Firstly, we use wavelet analysis to extract character of pulse signal. Secondly, we make use of the nerve network to(More)
The working status of huge rotating mechanical equipment can be judged with the method of detection and processing its acoustics. It is analyzed that the variation of the sound reflected the variation of the material percentage in the equipment. The sound caused by different material percentage is collected and analyzed in time and frequency domain in this(More)
Current imaging technique such as micro X-ray CT can provide us detailed 3D micro-structures of porous rocks that can be used in numerical simulation so as to predict elastic properties of rocks saturated with different fluids. However, limited by the resolution the imaging process can provide, we usually lose the small features of rocks such as cracks and(More)
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