Yang-Yu Fan

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In HSV color space, the current vector morphological operators have low capability to reduce color noise caused by hue and saturation in color image processing. Because they sort the color pixels according to the hierarchical ordering of V, S, H, which is against the equal principle of the three channels in color image processing. A novel vector ordering(More)
Attractiveness of a face plays an important role in many social endeavors. It influences careers like digital entertainment, modeling and acting, as well as person’s career prospect, financial status, and personal relationships. Computational approaches to exploring the nature and components of face attractiveness have been proposed, and have become an(More)
This paper presents a variational level set method for simultaneous segmentation and bias field estimation of medical images with intensity inhomogeneity. In our model, the statistics of image intensities belonging to each different tissue in local regions are characterized by Gaussian distributions with different means and variances. According to maximum a(More)
This paper presents a novel fuzzy energy minimization method for simultaneous segmentation and bias field estimation of medical images. We first define an objective function based on a localized fuzzy c-means (FCM) clustering for the image intensities in a neighborhood around each point. Then, this objective function is integrated with respect to the(More)
With the application in many neuroimaging studies, diffusion tensor image (DTI) registration has generated considerable interest and been studied widely. Although a number of DTI registration methods have been developed, their performances have not yet been compared systematically. This work addresses this gap by comparing a large number of existing DTI(More)
This paper explores the contributions of all reconstruction combinations of the synthesis delay filters in adaptive synthesis filter banks and their effects on objective performance in image compression. It presents a novel comprehensive approach to manage all reconstruction combinations and their placing configuration in the adaptive synthesis filter(More)
Line detection is a classical problem in computer vision and image processing, and it is widely used as a basic method. Most of existing line detection algorithms are based on edge information, whose discontinuity limited the detection result. Meanwhile, some other algorithms only use gradient magnitudes, and neglect the function of gradient directions. In(More)
Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI) image registration is an essential step for diffusion tensor image analysis. Most of the fiber bundle based registration algorithms use deterministic fiber tracking technique to get the white matter fiber bundles, which will be affected by the noise and volume. In order to overcome the above problem, we proposed a Diffusion(More)