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A new propagation prediction method, aimed at urban microcellular radio systems, is presented. Using the proposed method, the prediction area is divided into some sub-zones to distinguish the changes of propagation environment in it at first. Then, an adaptive coefficient algorithm, based on measurement data, is employed to derive the propagation(More)
Road detection is one of the most important branches of road following. In this paper we propose a classification-based road detection algorithm by boosting. To fully utilize potential region feature correlations and improve the accuracy of classification, this algorithm introduces the feature combination method into road detection. First, an over-completed(More)
In this review, we have presented the controlled synthesis of Fe-based metal and oxide nanoparticles with large size by chemical methods. The issues of the size, shape and morphology of Fe nanoparticles are discussed in the certain ranges of practical applications in biology and medicine. The homogeneous nanosystems of Fe-based metal and oxide nanoparticles(More)
It has been reported that electromagnetic fields (EMFs) can promote the healing of non-union, osteogenesis and differentiation of the osteoblasts. However, its mechanism has not been unravelled. In this study, we detected some response induced by EMF and evaluated the importance of these signals for EMF-induced osteogenesis in bone marrow mesenchymal stem(More)
The need for quality improvement in software has led to emphasis on software process. But during process enactment, deviations inevitably occur and have to be managed Control limits are established and when the actual process fall outside the control limits, repairing action is taken to bring them under control. Due to lead lag, action has to be taken(More)
The model of stock price forecast based on data mining of BP neural networks is put forward in this article. On the basis of an integrated data mining process of selection of data samples, data conversion, network modeling, network simulation, and evaluation of results, the prediction about the trend of SSE (Shanghai Stock Exchange) Composite Index provides(More)
Mathematical models of NO diffusion were established to investigate the role of nitric oxide produced by neuronal cells in brain ischemia. Results showed that NO synthesized at early stage of brain ischemia could diffuse to a far more distant than that of a resting state. We speculate the roles of NO produced by neuronal cells in brain ischemia might have(More)
—Agile methods of developing software such as extreme programming (XP), are becoming increasingly important for the rapid development of software applications. The paper describes a system dynamics model of the XP development process which can be used to quantitatively evaluate the software process and studies the effect of XP practices by simulation.
The generating mechanism of circulating currents for direct parallel photovoltaic grid-connected inverters is analyzed in detail at first. Then state average model of the parallel photovoltaic grid-connected inverters is constructed in dq rotating coordinates. Based on this model, interaction between the parallel photovoltaic grid-connected inverters is(More)