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It is a primary research problem in multi-robot cooperation domain to allocate task among robots so as to obtain maximal utility. On the base of presenting the utility values matrix for n robots relative to n tasks, and from the view of some disadvantages on computation complexity and bad real-time of Hungarian Algorithm, we present a new approach using(More)
A radial artery and finger photoplethysmography (PPG) pulse wave velocity (PWV) noninvasive detecting instrument is designed. This instrument detects radial artery pulse wave and finger PPG pulse wave synchronously, and then radial-finger pulse wave velocity (PWV<sub>rf</sub>) is computed. The hardware adopts two separate circuits to reduce interference(More)
Percutaneous vertebroplasty (PV) and kyphoplasty (PK) are the 2vertebral augmentation procedures that have emerged as minimally invasive surgical options to treat painful vertebral compression fractures (VCF) during the last 2 decades. VCF may either be osteoporotic or tumor-associated. Two hundred million women are affected by osteoporosis globally.(More)
In view of the environment uncertainty of mobile robot navigating under the unknown and dynamic environments, the paper adopts hierarchical path planning ways which is two layers of global and the local optimization have been combined to implement autonomous mobile robot navigating. The genetic algorithm and the fuzzy theory were applied in the two layers(More)
BACKGROUND The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility of treating vertebral compression fractures using an autonomously developed nitinol memory alloy vertebral stent. MATERIAL AND METHODS Thoracolumbar vertebral specimens from adult human cadavers were made into models of compression fractures. The models were divided into group A, which(More)
In view of the navigation problem of mobile robot in unknown dynamic environment, this paper proposes a new method of robot rolling navigation using improved ant colony system algorithm. The method first utilize the fuzzy logistic description to establish the fuzzy environment model of robot local area, and then adopts the improved ant colony system(More)
The problem of prediction quasi-sliding mode control for a class of uncertain discrete nonlinear system with time delay is studied in the paper. Based on the approximation capability of neural networks, an NN-based model is built and an NN-based d-step-ahead predictor is composed. A synthetical scheme of prediction quasi-sliding mode control is proposed. In(More)
In order to improve University Quality Education, and develop the practical ability of research and innovation of Undergraduates majoring in Biomedical Engineering, this project probes into the development of innovative experiment program for Biomedical Engineering and research on the practical ability cultivation for undergraduates from various aspects,(More)
An in-line detecting system is presented in this paper, which utilizes scanning tunneling microscope (STM) technology to detect accurately the dispensed volume in gene transfer system, and then a close-loop controlling system for the dispensed volume can be constructed based on this detecting system. The following experiment results show the sensitivity of(More)
To achieve a reasonable power split scheme of Li battery pack and supercapacitor hybrid electric vehicles, we propose dynamic programming (DP) based predictive control algorithm (PCA) in this paper. First, the model of the vehicle plant is established consisting of mathematical models of supercapacitor and Li battery pack. Then, the PCA based control system(More)