Yang Yi-xian

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LSB matching improves the security of hidden message through changing the pixel’s LSB randomly, which breaks the rules of pairs of values in LSB replacement. This paper proposed a new steganalysis technique which aims at LSB matching embedding based on the local area’s correlation in grayscale images. The detection method defines the(More)
Hierarchical ID-based signature (HIBS) scheme is a generalization of identity based signature. It allows a root PKG to generate private keys for domain-level PKGs, who in turn generate private keys for their users in the domains of the lower level. A practical hierarchical identity based signature scheme (HIBS) based on bilinear parings is proposed.(More)
In grid computing, resources can be given and retrieved by grid nodes freely. The wide range of selection and the high degree of strangeness bring lots of problems in secure selection of grid. Efficient resource allocation and utilization can hardly be achieved without the assurance of a high degree of confidence relation. In this paper, we propose a(More)
Hyperchaos sequence has better security compared with low-dimensional chaos system. The new algorithm is proposed that hyperchaos system is applied to design the pseudorandom sequence after decreasing its dimension, then the analysis experiments are carried on to test hyperchaos sequence's capability. Study shows that the new chaos pseudorandom sequence has(More)
Analyzed the features of router-level topology simulation, and proposed an algorithm HRSA facing router-level network topology simulation based on Dijkstra algorithm aiming at actual Internet stratified topology structure. By the way of adding the shortest routing table on the core router, the time of searching the shortest path in router-level topology(More)
As trust management can address the new security challenges in pervasive computing environments, we present our pervasive trust model TM-RMRP which is composed of input factors and trust evaluation. With the model presented, anonymous entities can collaborate with trustful parties without central security managers. To reduce or even avoid inappropriate or(More)
The presented mobile DRM are short of an efficient payment protocol to guarantee that participants can engage in the exchange without the risk of suffering a disadvantage. Even the latest DRM standard of the open mobile alliance (OMA) did not give a detailed transaction scheme in mobile DRM. In general, the fair payment approaches in mobile DRM rely on the(More)
Sharing data using cloud computing can be a good solution to profit from reduced costs, scalability, flexibility and more advantages that user can get from the cloud infrastructure. But when the object shared consists of sensitive or personnel data, the security concerns increase. Problems related to the lack of data confidentiality and integrity represent(More)
In this paper, we divide steganographic attacking process into two phases: reasoning phase and attacking phase. The attacks of each phase are divided into several kinds. Using the random oracle mechanism, we propose the definition of symmetric steganography secure against chosen message and original cover attacks. This is a kind of provable security. At(More)
In this paper, a secure Content Protection Secure Management Scheme about electronic documents (named CPSec EDMS) will be proposed, in which the architecture, key technology and authorization protocol, security analysis of CPSec EDMS will be discussed. To prevent document leakage, the client of CPSec EDMS adopts transparent encryption technology based on(More)