Yang Yang

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Planning plays an important role in the domain of multi-agent systems. Recognizing opponent' s plans and taking appropriate countermeasures will improve a team' s adaptability and cooperation in dynamic, adversarial environments. This paper describes our work on establishing a mechanism to recognize and retrieve team plans based on observations of agents'(More)
Imbalanced data sets have significantly unequal distributions between classes. This between-class imbalance causes conventional classification methods to favor majority classes, resulting in very low or even no detection of minority classes. A Min-Max modular support vector machine (M 3-SVM) approaches this problem by decomposing the training input sets of(More)
The traffic matrix is one of the crucial inputs in many network planning and traffic engineering tasks, it is agreed that accurate traffic matrices are crucial, but it is usually impossible to directly measure traffic matrices. So, it is an important research topic to infer traffic matrix by reasonably modeling, and incorporating the measurement data of(More)
We are in the process of building a dynamic, adaptive scheduler for parallel Grid programs, which will form part of the SymGrid-Par middleware for execution of symbolic programs on the Grid. This scheduler will dynamically interact with the applications it controls to obtain foreknowledge of application demands for resources. By monitoring the previous(More)
Basic-block reordering is a compiler optimization technique which has the effect of reducing branch cost and I-Cache misses by rearranging code layout. In this paper, we present our basic-block reordering method which detects typical structures in the control-flow graph. It uses the architecture-specific branch cost model and execution possibilities of(More)
A novel mobile peer-to-peer (MP2P) in cellular networks is presented in this paper. The proposed architecture is based on Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) that is part of the IP Mul-timedia Subsystem (IMS) in the third-generation mobile cellular networks. In this architecture, P2P control messages are transported in SIP messages, so called P2PoverSIP. By(More)
Data retrieval on encrypted documents is a very important technology in cloud storage, where encryption on sensitive data is a necessary operation to protect documents privacy before they are outsourced to cloud. Most of existing searchable encryption schemes concentrate on single-user scenario. In this paper, we focus on the multiple sender and multiple(More)