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This paper conducts an investigation for a lot of indoor positioning techniques. Several kinds of indoor positioning techniques are briefly introduced. And the paper makes an illustration of their principles and advantages or disadvantages. Positioning methods can be divided into two categories, range-based and range-free. Range-based positioning techniques(More)
This paper studies the incentive mechanism for selfish nodes in Ad Hoc network. We propose a service negotiation mechanism based on WASP algorithm and genetic algorithm (GA). The mechanism has been improved in two areas, first it presents a filtering strategy to select the negotiation nodes, and in addition, it adopts an improved genetic algorithm to(More)
Because of combined effects of climate, soil conditions, earthquake and wider area of loess in the loess region, the landslide disasters occur frequently in China's northwest. The authors propose an intelligent space-time prediction and analysis method which can be applied widely. The method can achieve 3D expression of prediction and analysis of landslide(More)
For a higher transmission rate and a greater throughput, New Generation Ultra High Speed WLAN must introduce Cognitive Radio (CR) technology to enhance frequency spectrum utilization. To detect the channel, this paper using two spectrum sensing algorithms, energy detection and preamble detection. The former utilizes the energy in signal to detect; the(More)
Traffic safety on low traffic volume highway is one of the hidden threats against road traffic safety and the characteristic of driver factor is an important factor which cannot be neglected among various accident causes in China. The present study conducts a test on driver factor of 25 drivers. It chooses the Geermu-Kunlun Mountain Entrance road section of(More)
In order to improve the Vehicle Weigh in Motion System with precision, the paper introduces Nerve Net Algorithm to error analysis. The article sets up a neural network model by determining the neural network input and output variables. Then, the function is defined by net training on MATLAB software. Finally through the experimental verification of Nerve(More)