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The ammonium-oxidizing microbial community was investigated in a granular sludge anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing (anammox) reactor that was operated for about 1 year with high anaerobic ammonium oxidation activity (up to 0.8 kg NH(4)(+)-N m(-3) day(-1)). A Planctomycetales-specific 16S rRNA gene library was constructed to analyse the diversity of the anaerobic(More)
Sympathoexcitatory reflex is characterized by an increase in blood pressure and sympathetic nerve activity. P2X₃ receptors in SCG neurons are involved in increasing sympathoexcitatory reflex after myocardial ischemic (MI) injury. The present study is aimed to explore the effects of oxymatrine (Oxy) on the transmission of myocardial ischemic signaling(More)
The recognition and discrimination of phytoplankton species is one of the foundations of freshwater biodiversity research and environmental monitoring. This step is frequently a bottleneck in the analytical chain from sampling to data analysis and subsequent environmental status evaluation. Here we present phytoplankton diversity data from 49 lakes(More)
The recent studies indicated that the epithelial cell adhesion molecule E-cadherin is a well-recognized molecule that is important in cell adhesion. To further investigate the molecular basis of this notion, we used small-interfering RNA to inhibit E-cadherin function and found that loss of E-cadherin promoted Colorectal cancer cell growth, invasion and(More)
Datura stramonium is a widely used poisonous plant with great medicinal and economic value. Its chloroplast (cp) genome is 155,871 bp in length with a typical quadripartite structure of the large (LSC, 86,302 bp) and small (SSC, 18,367 bp) single-copy regions, separated by a pair of inverted repeats (IRs, 25,601 bp). The genome contains 113 unique genes,(More)
1 *, these authors contributed equally to this study. Abstract Platelet-activating factor (PAF) is a mediator of pulmonary edema in acute lung injury that increases vascular permeability within minutes partly through activation of acid sphingomyelinase (ASM). Since caveolae are rich in sphingomyelin and caveolin-1, that blocks eNOS by direct binding, we(More)
SELEX-Seq is now the optimal high-throughput technique for characterizing DNA-binding specificities of transcription factors. In this study, we introduced an improved EMSA-based SELEX-Seq strategy with several advantages. The improvements of this strategy included: (1) using a FAM-labeled probe to track protein-DNA complex in polyacrylamide gel for rapidly(More)
RLIM acts as a negative regulator of LIM-Homeodomain proteins either by recruiting Sin3A/Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) co-repressor complex or through degradation of CLIM coactivator, thus playing an important role in embryonic development. Recent studies by different research groups have shown that RLIM acts as an X-encoded, dose-dependent inducer of X(More)