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Cloud computing, as a new concept, provides a good solution for handling multimedia applications effectively and efficiently. It can facilitate the execution of complicated multimedia tasks, as well as supports specific and stringent multimedia QoS provisioning. However, for this new idea, a key challenge is how to make each multimedia service task to(More)
This paper introduces mechanisms to correlate contents and priorities of incoming HTTP requests used for server process scheduling with the load balancing policies for Web-server clusters. This approach enables both load balancing and Web quality of service (QoS). Another contribution is a modeling and analysis technique based on stochastic high-level Petri(More)
Resource discovery is the key requirements in large heterogeneous Grid environments, and an effective and efficient resource discovery mechanism is crucial. However, the complicated and dynamic characteristics of grid resources make sharing and discovering them a challenge. In this paper, a novel model, in which agent and semantic are integrated, is(More)
State space model based on the discrete events is given to describe the grid services dynamic scheduling system which processes a number of heterogeneous jobs concurrently. Algorithm of QoS(Quality of Services) performance parameters analysis, such as queue length, total job numbers, throughput of the system, response time of job request, are developed.(More)
Autophagy can protect cells while also contributing to cell damage, but the precise interplay between apoptosis and autophagy and the contribution of autophagy to cell death are still not clear. Previous studies have shown that supranutritional doses of sodium selenite promote apoptosis in human leukemia NB4 cells. Here, we report that selenite treatment(More)
BACKGROUND Previous studies demonstrated that selenite induced cancer-cell apoptosis through multiple mechanisms; however, effects of selenite on microtubules in leukemic cells have not been demonstrated. METHODS The toxic effect of selenite on leukemic HL60 cells was performed with cell counting kit 8. Selenite effects on cell cycle distribution and(More)
Due to the mobility of nodes, link failures, dynamic topology, as well as limited energy and bandwidth of the nodes, recovery strategies for service composition have caused a widespread concern in dynamic network. Different from rollback mechanism of post service composition interruption, Backup Service Replacement Strategy (BSRS) can accelerate the service(More)
In this paper, firstly, the number of positions for beacon is deduced to send a signal according to the acreage of ROI (region of interest); then a simple method is presented to calculate the coordinates of the sending positions in rectangular ROI; and then, a method is advanced based on virtual force to arrange the positions in arbitrary ROI; further, the(More)
This paper addresses the problem of coverage enhancement for a team of mobile agents with consideration of global connectivity. A hybrid coverage enhancement system is developed, consisting of two distinctive layers. In network control layer, a link removal algorithm is designed to generate a sparse network structure while preserving the global(More)