Yang Yang Zhao

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— In this paper, we propose a multi(six)-port radio frequency (RF) front-end including both modulator and demodulator for impulse ultra-wideband (UWB) communication systems. This RF front-end validates full channel (3GHz-4GHz) uniform phase spectrum modulation scheme by using a six-port phase modulator and demodulator. Both the modulator and demodulator(More)
Direct conversion of light into mechanical work, known as the photomechanical effect, is an emerging field of research, largely driven by the development of novel molecular and polymeric material systems. However, the fundamental impediment is that the previously explored materials and structures do not simultaneously offer fast and wavelength-selective(More)
A set of experiments were conducted to evaluate six similarity measures for intensity-based rigid-body 3D/2D image registration. Similarity measure is an index that measures the similarity between a digitally reconstructed radiograph (DRR) and an x-ray planar image. The registration is accomplished by maximizing the sum of the similarity measures between(More)
A rigid body three-dimensional/two-dimensional (3D/2D) registration method has been implemented using mutual information, gradient ascent, and 3D texturemap-based digitally reconstructed radiographs. Nine combinations of commonly used x-ray and computed tomography (CT) image enhancement methods, including window leveling, histogram equalization, and(More)
This paper presents a method, which simultaneously estimates the electrical conductivity and magnetic permeability of porous metals. Porous Cu and Fe manufactured by the lost carbonate sintering process have been tested. An air-cored solenoid coil was designed for the measurements of rod-shaped samples when inserted coaxially with the coil. It was(More)
This paper studies the electrical properties of open-celled aluminium foams manufactured by a novel sintering-dissolution process (SDP) using non-destructive eddy current testing. Experimental measurement results are first presented by means of an impedance analyser under swept frequency testing for the determination of electrical conductivity of Al foams.(More)
Soil moisture is the main limiting factor for vegetation growth at shell ridges in the Yellow River Delta of China. The objective of this study was to explore the soil moisture response of photosynthetic parameters and transpiration in Tamarix chinensis Lour., a dominant species of shell ridges. Leaf photosynthetic light-response parameters and sap flow(More)