Yang Yang Zhao

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In order to use enterprises' distribution data effectively and maximize their social and economic values, a multi-level grid partition method for enterprise distribution data is proposed which divides the voluminous data into reasonable size. This method uses the provinces or municipalities of nationwide as the coarsest division, then a quad-tree is(More)
Genetic programming lacks convergence prematurely and operating efficiency. This paper is to study this problem that integrates the genetic programming theory with the framework of Map/Reduce. This is to improve the efficiency by parallel and distributed capability proved by Map/Reduce. Our experiments show that the improved parallel algorithm of genetic(More)
Multiple-choice question (MCQ) tests are not used widely in engineering subjects as a summative assessment methodology, largely because of the poor compatibility between the MCQ scores and conventional percentage marks. This paper develops algorithms for converting raw scores of MCQ tests to conventional marks based on probability theory. The algorithms are(More)
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