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Face recognition under complex illumination conditions is still an open question. To cope with the problem, this paper proposes an effective illumination normalization method. The proposed method employs morphology and quotient image techniques by analyzing the face illumination, and it is upgraded with dynamical lighting estimation technique to strengthen(More)
Finger vein verification is a promising biometric pattern for personal identification in terms of security and convenience. The recognition performance of this technology heavily relies on the quality of finger vein images and on the recognition algorithm. To achieve efficient recognition performance, a special finger vein imaging device is developed, and a(More)
Recently, wireless sensor networks (WSNs) have been widely used in many fields. The security problem is one of the most important issues for WSNs and attacks defense plays an important role in the security systems. In this paper, we proposed a flexible DoS-detection framework for WSNs. The hierarchical framework is composed of two important stages: attack(More)
The Network Address Translation (NAT) technique resolved the IPv4 address shortage problem effectively. Meanwhile, it brings issues to network management. Unauthorized NAT devices may be a significant security problem. Attackers may conduct malicious activities by using computers hidden behind unauthorized NAT. The remote NAT detect algorithm is proposed(More)
A hierarchical finite difference method to match analogous contours is presented. Our approach has been inspired by the method due to Duncan, who proposed a scheme for matching two contours based on the minimization of a quadratic fitting criterion. This criterion consists of a curvature dependent bending energy term and a smoothness term. Cohen improved(More)
Based on Shamir's (t,n) threshold scheme and Schnorr signature, a novel threshold signature scheme was proposed in this work. The proposed scheme not only has the property of threshold signature generation, but also has the property of threshold signature verification. Furthermore, the scheme in this paper are group oriented signature scheme with(More)
A synthetic fingerprint generation method is presented and implemented in this paper. A new combination model for the orientation field of fingerprint is applied to generate more realistic fingerprint direction map, and a new expression of the fingerprint density map is presented. Then a modified Gabor filter is used for ridge pattern generation. This(More)
The NAC (Network Access Control) technology which enforces the endpoint access decision based on the collected endpoint security status information and platform measurement information has been developed by various companies and has been widely deployed in intranets. Besides intranet, mobile telecommunication networks also find NAC is required. This paper(More)
An efficient provably secure identity-based blind signature (IBBS) scheme based on bilinear pairings is proposed. Assuming the intractability of the q-Strong Diffie-Hellman problem, our IBBS is unforgeable under adaptive chosen-message and ID attack. Because of avoiding using the inefficient MapToPoint function, our IBBS can offer advantages in runtime over(More)
Previous investigations have demonstrated that anti-inflammatory or lipid-lowering treatments could be useful for alleviating morbidity and mortality of atherosclerotic cardiovascular diseases. However, whether a vaccine designed to target inflammation and lipid simultaneously is more powerful to control the process of atherosclerosis remain to be unknown.(More)