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The Probe into the Zhou Culture's Complex of Zhong Changtong
Zhong Changtong is an outstanding politician and ideologist in the Donghan Dynasty Who had strong animadvert spirit.In the troubled times,on the one hand,Zhong Changtong brought forward worshipful
An analysis of scholars' ideal inhabitation in Han Dynasty based on Zhong Chang-tong's lezhi poems and essays
Zhong Chang-tong describes an ideal living drawing of affluence and freedom life in his lezhi poems and essays,which reveals the scholars' new tendency in thinking,economy,political standpoint and
Comments on the study of HaoRan
Because of the social ideology and historical trend, the study of HaoRan and his works are of momentous current significance and far-reaching historical significance on the his- tory of the study of
The Influence of Non-intelligent Factors on Female College Students' Growth
People's study and growth are infmenced by both intelligent and non-intelligent factors,of which the latter has a decided effect.Higher education should pay more attention to the non-intelligent
The gaming between science and humanity——A developmental study of the modern Chinese moral education
The modern Chinese moral education originates from the scientific practices.The disruption of science and humanity is the principal contradiction against development.Communicative reason and lifelong
Gender Equity: The Value Appeal of Advanced Gender Culture
The emergence of gender equity is an inevitable trend of the development of social history.It is the development and interpretation of the meaning of gender equity on the basis of
A Probe into the Cultivation of Employment and Pioneering Ability for Girl Students in Local Colleges
It is necessary to promote the employment and pioneering ability since there are more and more girl students graduate from schools.This paper is a probe into the ability cultivation for girl students
Analysis of Social Ideology in Western Han Dynasty Based on Disaster Records in Records of Emperors of Han History
Records of Emperors of Han History records numerous disasters of various types and unbalancedly distributed,which had great impact on the society.The governors at that time took a series of actions