Yang Woon Chung

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Little is known about the innate defense mechanisms of the male reproductive tract. We cloned a 385-base pair complementary DNA and its genomic DNA named Bin1b that is exclusively expressed in the caput region of the rat epididymis and that is responsible for sperm maturation, storage, and protection. Bin1b exhibits structural characteristics and(More)
Bioelectrical properties and anion secretion in cultured epithelia from different regions of rat and human male excurrent ducts were studied by measuring the short-circuit currents (ISC). In all regions of the rat excurrent duct, Cl- secretion accounts for over 90% of the basal ISC, although the magnitude varied in different regions. Cl- secretion was found(More)
The pelvic ganglion (PG) provides both sympathetic and parasympathetic innervation to the genitalia and other pelvic structures. To determine whether neuronal activity; of the PG, as detected by Fos-like immunoreactivity (Fos-IR), is related to sexual stimulation, male and female rats were tested under a variety of conditions. In males, Fos-IR expression in(More)
The effects of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) on development and reproduction are well documented. However, very little is known about the effects of PCBs on sexual behavior. In this study, we examined the effects of two commercial PCB mixtures, Aroclor 1221 (A1221) and Aroclor 1254 (A1254), on the development of female sexual behavior and of the(More)
Previous study has demonstrated functional expression of a sperm Ca(2+)-activated K+ channel in Xenopus oocytes injected with RNAs from the rat testes. Using the same expression system, the present study investigated the specific purinoceptor subtype involved in mediating the effect of extracellular ATP. The effect of ATP on an outwardly rectifying current,(More)
Swelling-induced Cl- conductance in cultured rat epididymal cells was characterized using whole cell patch-clamp techniques. Activation of whole cell current with an outwardly rectifying current-potential relationship was observed in cells exposed to hyposmotic solutions. This current was determined, from the observed current-reversal potentials at(More)
K+ channels were recorded in excised, inside-out patches from the apical membrane of the freshly isolated tubule of the caudal portion of the rat epididymis. With asymmetric K+ concentrations in bath and pipette (140 mM K+in/6 mM K+out), the channels had a slope conductance of 54.2 pS at 0 mV. The relative permeability of K+ over Na+ was about 171 to 1. The(More)
An outwardly rectifying conductance was observed in primary cultured human epididymal cells under the patch-clamp whole-cell configuration in KCl pipette and bath solutions. Removal of Cl- from intracellular and extracellular solutions did not affect this conductance, but substitution of K+ with N-methyl-D-glucamine in both solutions completely blocked the(More)
Social networking services (SNSs) have been garnering attention from society due to their recent rapid growth. This study examines whether SNS use can affect the relationship between the Big Five personality model and individual job satisfaction. Based on a sample of 1,452 workers in Korea, the results of this study indicate that the Big Five personality(More)
The patch-clamp recording technique was used to examine the properties of the K+ channels in cultured equine sweat gland epithelial cells. With symmetric K+ solutions (140 mM), a single population of K+ channels was identified with a slope conductance of 187 pS and a reversal potential of around 0 mV. The channel was selective for K+ over Na+. Channel(More)