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We present an algorithmic solution for the stationary distribution of M/M/c/K retrial queue which consists of an orbit with infinite capacity and a service facility that has c exponential servers and waiting space of size K − c. The behavior of queue length process in the retrial queue is described by level dependent quasi-birth-and-death (LDQBD) process(More)
The sensitivity of the performance measures such as the mean and the standard deviation of the queue length and the blocking probability with respect to the moments of the service time are numerically investigated. The steady state distribution of M/G/c queue is approximated by that of the M/PH/c queue where the phase type (PH) distribution is fitted by(More)
Retrial queues are frequently observed in a real world system likewise call center or internet service industries. In this paper, a retrial queue system in which the number of retrials of each customer is limited by a finite number, say m is considered. That is, if a customer fails to enter the service facility at mth retrial, then the customer leaves the(More)