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Computational methods are presented that can automatically detect the length and width of meibomian glands imaged by infrared meibography without requiring any input from the user. The images are then automatically classified. The length of the glands are detected by first normalizing the pixel intensity, extracting stationary points, and then applying(More)
It is well known that higher-order Hopfield nets called multispin models can increase memory capacity to some extent by extending the direct product of spin states to more than second order. However, a group of neurons can then respond degenerately to different loaded patterns, resulting in many spurious states due to cross-talk effects. We present an idea(More)
Charge Effect on colloidal Self-assembly in a Sessile Drop " , In preparation. Directed growth of colloidal crystals on a hydrophobic polymer film by using hydrophilic traps " , Thin Solid Films, Accepted for publication. Growth of InN and its effect on InGaN epilayer by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition " , Thin Solid Films, Accepted March 2007.(More)
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