Yang Wei Koh

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Computational methods are presented that can automatically detect the length and width of meibomian glands imaged by infrared meibography without requiring any input from the user. The images are then automatically classified. The length of the glands are detected by first normalizing the pixel intensity, extracting stationary points, and then applying(More)
Introduction. Despite the fact that maternal perinatal mental health problems have been extensively studied and addressed to be a significant health problem, the literature on paternal perinatal mental health problems is relatively scarce. The present study aims at determining the prevalence of paternal perinatal depression and identifying the risk factors(More)
We study the mechanism behind dynamical trappings experienced during Wang-Landau sampling of continuous systems reported by several authors. Trapping is caused by the random walker coming close to a local energy extremum, although the mechanism is different from that of the critical slowing-down encountered in conventional molecular dynamics or Monte Carlo(More)
The mechanism of energy quantization is studied for classical dynamics on a highly anharmonic potential, ranging from integrable, mixed, and chaotic motions. The quantum eigenstates (standing waves) are created by the phase factors (the action integrals and the Maslov index) irrespective of the integrability, when the amplitude factors are relatively slowly(More)
Methods to search for periodic orbits are usually implemented with the Newton-Raphson type algorithms that extract the orbits as fixed points. When used to find periodic orbits in flows, however, many such approaches have focused on using mappings defined on the Poincaré surfaces of section, neglecting components perpendicular to the surface of section. We(More)
The density of states of continuous models is known to span many orders of magnitudes at different energies due to the small volume of phase space near the ground state. Consequently, the traditional Wang-Landau sampling which uses the same trial move for all energies faces difficulties sampling the low-entropic states. We developed an adaptive variant of(More)
It is well known that higher-order Hopfield nets called multispin models can increase memory capacity to some extent by extending the direct product of spin states to more than second order. However, a group of neurons can then respond degenerately to different loaded patterns, resulting in many spurious states due to cross-talk effects. We present an idea(More)
Charge Effect on colloidal Self-assembly in a Sessile Drop " , In preparation. Directed growth of colloidal crystals on a hydrophobic polymer film by using hydrophilic traps " , Thin Solid Films, Accepted for publication. Growth of InN and its effect on InGaN epilayer by metalorganic chemical vapor deposition " , Thin Solid Films, Accepted March 2007.(More)
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