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We consider functions φ ∈ L(R) such that {| det(D)| 12φ(Dx−λ) : D ∈ D, λ ∈ T } forms an orthogonal basis for L(R), where D ⊂Md(R) and T ⊂ R. Such a function φ is called a wavelet with respect to the(More)
For a self similar or self a ne tile in R we study the following questions What is the boundary What is the convex hull We show that the boundary is a graph directed self a ne fractal and in the self(More)
A Borel measure μ in R is called a spectral measure if there exists a set Λ ⊂ R such that the set of exponentials {exp(2πiλ · x) : λ ∈ Λ} forms an orthogonal basis for L(μ). In this paper we prove(More)