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With advances in technology and the economy, people are more inclined to buy cars. However, as a result, people forfeit their lives and property through accidents due to traffic congestion and traffic chaos. To ensure safe driving, anti-collision warning applications have been widely discussed. Most vehicular safety applications use vehicular positioning(More)
In the directional carrier sense multiple access-collision avoidance (directional-CSMA-CA) mechanism, the efficient channel access mechanism with a collision-controlled concept is one of the most challenging topics. Especially, in capillary machine-to-machine (M2M) where wireless personal area network (WPAN) is a key technology for its wireless(More)
Recently, Internet of things (IoT) and Web of Things (WoT) lead us to the excellent era of connected everything device. However, the devices hardly show the property of the autonomous connectivity and the self-cooperation for applying in real-world environments. The purpose of this paper was to propose the adaptive IoT and WoT convergence platform that(More)
Time-of-arrival (ToA) has been the most popular measurement parameter when estimating distance between two nodes, i.e., ranging. Several localization-only systems such as radar systems, satellite positioning systems, ultra-wideband systems provide their accurate ToA estimation methodologies for the ranging in their physical layer. In contrast to the(More)
This paper introduces an Intelligent Parking platform for a neighborhood electric vehicle in intelligent multimedia service environment that automatically maneuvering from a traffic lane to the designated spot guided by roadside servers and mobile device. Three challenging problems are considered: one is to consider both low-speed forward driving and(More)