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We present a method for the construction of nonsepa-rable and compactly supported orthogonal wavelet bases of L 2 (R n), n ≥ 2. The orthogonal wavelets are associated with dilation matrix 3In, where In is the identity matrix of order n. An example is given to illustrate how to use our method to construct nonseparable orthogonal wavelet bases.
A algorithm is presented for constructing orthogonal multiscaling functions and multiwavelets with multiplicity r+s(s ≥ 1, s ∈ Z) in terms of any given orthogonal multiscal-ing functions with multiplicity r. That is, let Φ(x) = [φ 1 (x), φ 2 (x), · · · , φ r (x)] T be an orthogonal multiscaling functions with multiplicity r, with two-scale matrix symbol P(More)
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