Yang Sheng Wang

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  • Yang Wang, Ozgür Yılmaz, Zhengfang Zhou
  • 2011
Degenerate Unmixing Estimation Technique (DUET) is a technique for blind source separation (BSS). Unlike the ICA-based BSS techniques, DUET is a time-frequency scheme that relies on the so-called W-disjoint orthogonality (WDO) property of the source signals, which states that, statistically, the windowed Fourier transforms of different source signals have(More)
In this paper, the effects of different parameters on the dynamic behavior of the nonlinear dynamical system are investigated based on modified Hindmarsh–Rose neural nonlinear dynamical system model. We have calculated and analyzed dynamic characteristics of the model under different parameters by using single parameter bifurcation diagram, time response(More)
Emulsion polymerization is an economically important method of producing a number of polymer products, where particle size distribution (PSD) is an essential property of the latex produced. A programming-based approach has been proposed for reachability analysis of PSD for a general particulate system described by population balance models, along with(More)
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