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Registration for Feature Point Sets Based on Affine Transformation
This work investigates the image registration from feature point sets. Image registration is a fundamental object recognition method in computer vision and it aims to find best matches between two orExpand
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Effect of rubescensine A on apoptosis and bcl-2,p53,fas/apo-1 and c-myc expression in GBC-SD cells
Objective: To investigate the mechanism of GBC-SD(gallbladder cell-Shandong) apoptosis induced by Rubescensine A. Methods: The presence and pathogenesis of apoptosis were demonstrated by the methodExpand
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A Note on Algorithms for Determining the Copositivity of a Given Symmetric Matrix
In the previous paper by the first and the third authors, we present six algorithms for determining whether a given symmetric matrix is strictly copositive, copositive (but not strictly), or notExpand
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Consideration to Issues of Coordinated Development With New-model Urbanization Leading the "Three-modernizations"
In a final analysis,the development of China's economy is the development of agriculture,rural areas and farmers(hereinafter referred to as "Three Rural Issues").The coordinated development of theExpand
Construction and appreciation of eukaryotic expression vector of HBV prec/c shRNA
Objective To investigate new measures to prevent and cure the infection of hepatitis B virus and construct eukaryotic expression vectors shRNA aiming directly at the pre-core gene sequence ofExpand
Design of ARINC429 Bus Interface-card Based on PC104 Bus
In this paper,the ARINC429 bus interface-card based on PC104 bus is designed using FPGA.The card is characterized by high processing speed, anti-jamming,low cost and so on,which can also save the space of hardware efficiently. Expand
Studies on the chemical constituents from angelica polymorpha maxim
Objective In order to investigate the chemical composition of n-butanol extraction from the root of Angelica polymorpha Maxim and aerial parts.Methods Silica gel column chromatography was employedExpand
Prospect for applications of virtual instrument in chemical industry measurement
The concept of virtual instrument technology were briefly introduced and the developmental history of measure instruments were simply clarified. The frame of hardware and software of virtualExpand
Row stochastic inverse eigenvalue problem
In this paper, we give sufficient conditions or realizability criteria for the existence of a row stochastic matrix with a given spectrum Λ = {λ1, ..., λn} = Λ1 ∪ ⋯ ∪ Λm ∪ Λm+1, m > 0; where (pk isExpand
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Optimization of Emergency Repair Equipment on Polyethylene Pipe for Irrigation
By means of the break feature of polyethylene pipe in water supply for irrigation,a new efficient equipment for emergency repair is developed.Affected factors of equipment on sealed capability thatExpand