Yang Shan-lin

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In this paper, we extend TOPSIS (technique for order preference by similarity to ideal solution) by three approaches to aggregating group preferences, in order to solve multiple attribute decision analysis (MADA) problems in the situation of belief group decision making (BGDM), where the attribute evaluation of each decision maker (DM) is represented by the(More)
Viewing from three aspects of the objective factors, the policy influence and the dual economic structure, this paper begins with analyzing the changing process of the structure of domestic demand in China from the year 1999 to 2004. What the analysis concludes explains that the growth mode of `investment-leading' is non-sustainable. And it's concluded that(More)
The drive of universities’ Independent Innovation is the key and decisive factor during the whole process of the university’s Innovation. This paper, analyzing the relationship between industry-university-research institute alliance and universities’ Independent Innovation, mainly focuses on the perspective of(More)
Psychologists of recent years have made plenty of researches on emotional theories and emotional adjustment methods. However, directly copying foreign research results outside of China possesses some limitations because of China's special situation and culture, and using foreign theories and methods directly can hazard Chinese entrepreneurs' health. This(More)
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