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The peer-to-peer (P2P) based video streaming has emerged as a promising solution for Internet video distribution. Leveraging the resource available at end users, this approach poses great potential to scale in the Internet. We have now seen the commercial P2P streaming systems that are orders of magnitude larger than the earlier academic systems. We believe(More)
Accumulating evidence shows that Sirt1 regulates a variety of neurological functions through the deacetylation of many proteins besides histone; however, the literature on the relationship between Sirt1 and axonal outgrowth is limited. Here, we first demonstrated that Sirt1 was located in the axon, especially in the growth cone. Then, we found that genetic(More)
Gap junction channels span the membranes of two adjacent cells and allow the gated transit of molecules as large as second messengers from cell to cell. In vertebrates, gap junctions are composed of proteins from the connexin (cx) gene family. Gap junction channels formed by most connexins are affected by transjunctional voltage. The function of the voltage(More)
UNLABELLED Adolescence is a critical developmental phase during which risk-taking behaviors increase across a variety of species, raising the importance of understanding how brain changes contribute to such behaviors. While the prefrontal cortex is thought to influence adolescent risk taking, the specific ways in which it functions are unclear. Using(More)
Despite being one of the healthiest developmental periods, morbidity and mortality rates increase dramatically during adolescence, largely due to preventable, risky behaviors. Heightened reward sensitivity, coupled with ineffective cognitive control, has been proposed to underlie adolescents' risk taking. In this study, we test whether reward sensitivity(More)
Broomcorn millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) is one of the most important minor grain crops in China. Head smut caused by Sporisorium destruens is a serious threat to broomcorn millet production. However, there is no information on the genetic diversity and virulence variation of S. destruens in China. To address this, a total of 51 S. destruens isolates were(More)
In this paper, an approach that uses dynamic voltage scaling (DVS) to reduce the configuration energy of runtime reconfigurable devices is proposed. The basic idea is to use configuration prefetching and parallelism to create excessive system idle time and apply DVS on the configuration process when such idle time can be utilized. A genetic algorithm is(More)
Grid computing powered by Web service technology is creating abundant service-oriented applications which are promoting the sharing and collaboration of global resources. Complex tasks can be fulfilled quickly and efficiently by combining (physically distributed) individual services into a competent composite service. Since a lot of available individual(More)