Yang Qian

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As embedded systems continue to evolve, Java becomes an attractive alternative to traditional languages for embedded hardware platforms. However, there are a number of obstacles for Java to hurdle in order to fulfill all the requirements of any real-time embedded systems. This paper presents an architectural view of a memory design for the embedded Java(More)
A network is considered observable if its current state can be determined in finite time from knowledge of the observed states. The observability transitions in networks based on random or degree-correlated sensor placement have recently been studied. However, these placement strategies are predominantly based on local information regarding the network. In(More)
Sparsifying transform is an important prerequisite in compressed sensing. And it is practically significant to research the fast and efficient signal sparse representation methods. In this paper, we propose an adaptive K-BRP (AK-BRP) dictionary learning algorithm. The bilateral random projection (BRP), a method of low rank approximation, is used to update(More)