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Structural transformations in dinuclear zinc complexes involving Zn-Zn bonds.
Reduction of Zn(2)(mu-eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))(2) with 4 equiv. of KC(8) resulted in a dramatic structural transformation into [(eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))ZnZn(eta(2)-Me(2)Si(NDipp)(2))](2-)Expand
A three-coordinate and quadruply bonded Mo-Mo complex.
Reaction of MoCl3(THF)3 with [Me2Si{NLi(Dipp)}2]2 (Dipp = 2,6-i-PrC6H3) afforded a triply bonded dimolybdenum complex 1,2-Mo2Cl2[Me2Si(NDipp)2]2 1, spanned by two Me2Si[N(Dipp)]2 ligands, thusExpand
New CVD precursors capable of depositing copper metal under mixed O2/Ar atmosphere.
Volatile low-melting CuII metal complexes Cu[OC(CF3)2CH2C(Me)=NMe]2 (4) and Cu[OC(CF3)2CH2CHMeNHMe]2 (5) were synthesized and characterized by spectroscopic methods. A single-crystal X-rayExpand
Enantioselective borane reduction of aromatic ketones using chiral BINOL derivatives as ligands in an aluminum catalyst
Abstract Chiral aluminum complex-catalyzed asymmetric borane reduction of aromatic ketones has been successfully carried out in the presence of ( R )-BINOL derivatives as ligands. Secondary alcoholsExpand