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MSDL (Military Scenario Definition Language) is an XML-based language designed to support military scenario development that provides the modeling and simulation community with a common mechanism for verifying and loading military scenarios, the ability to create a military scenario that can be shared between simulations and C4I devices and a way to improve(More)
Kansei engineering is a product of times, whose aim is to develop a new product through translating a customer’s psychological impressions as well as feelings concerning that product into design specifications. In this paper it is proposed to introduce Kansei engineering by means of definition. Then catalogues of Kansei engineering is summarized,(More)
  • Yang Mei
  • 2009
The forecasting of human resources supply is an important part of human resources planning. In view of the complexity and nonlinear of the human resources supply system, this paper established a new human resource supply forecasting model which used the RBF neural network to forecast the loss rate of various types of employees and used Markov transfer(More)
The research and implementation of the auto-generation of federate has greatly increased the development of federations, and the concerns of HLA developers have mostly changed to the problem domains and the modeling fields. In order to further promote the automation development of federates and improve the reusability of HLA federations and federates,(More)
The experimental research was carried out to investigate the effect of putting xonotlite to train granular sludge in the training process, the analysis was done that the effect by xonotlite on reactor running, effluent value, microorganism and removing lead, at same time, the SEM as done on microorganism. The result showed that training granular sludge by(More)
The methane monitoring system for coal mines is capable of detecting apparent changes in the value of the mine gas composition. It could provide guidance for coal miners to escape following the safest and fastest route while a mine disaster was occurring. In this paper, the coal mine network topology model was established. Furthermore, it is desirable to(More)
BOM-based extensible component M&S has greatly improved reusability and interoperability at the level of simulation models. As atom component model is the fundamental part of the BOM model, the development of atom component model is a key point in the development of BOM-based HLA simulation system. After the discussion of the features atomic components(More)
Product semantics is a tool in product design to generate newer, better and more meaningful forms. Consumer preference and perception of products strongly influence a product's acceptability. Both are expressed by words that may be studied using product semantics. As product semantics spreads rapidly in product design, it faces more interrogative challenges(More)