Yang Mei

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Autophagy and apoptosis are catabolic pathways essential for organismal homeostasis. Autophagy is normally a cell-survival pathway involving the degradation and recycling of obsolete, damaged, or harmful macromolecular assemblies; however, excess autophagy has been implicated in type II cell death. Apoptosis is the canonical programmed cell death pathway.(More)
As the transistor's feature scales down and the integration density of the monolithic circuit increases continuously, the traditional metal interconnects face significant performance limitation to meet the stringent demands of high-speed, low-power and low-latency data transmission for on-and off-chip communications. Optical technology is poised to resolve(More)
Glutathione peroxidase-1 (GPx1) is a pivotal intracellular antioxidant enzyme that enzymatically reduces hydrogen peroxide to water to limit its harmful effects. This study aims to identify a microRNA (miRNA) that targets GPx1 to maintain redox homeostasis. Dual luciferase assays combined with mutational analysis and immunoblotting were used to validate the(More)
The establishment for internal communication network of Smart Home system includes a variety of ways such as wired, wireless and etc. Wireless network represents the development trend in home internal communication network. Among a series of network technology, because of low data rate, low power consumption, low cost, wider coverage, ZigBee technology is(More)
Visibility computation plays an important role in characteristics analysis and visualization of terrain surface. Firstly, we define the lines of sight in which each line is associated with viewpoint and target point on terrain with its own height. Then the vector cross product method is used to determine the visible points on this line of sight and(More)
Diabetic nephropathy (DN) is the leading cause of end-stage renal disease, with multiple genetic and environmental factors involving in its etiology. ACE and eNOS gene were considered to have important roles in the development and progression of DN. In this study, a case–control study was carried out to investigate the effects of 7 SNPs in ACE gene and 2(More)
The aim of this study was to investigate the impact of chemo-radiotherapy on serum protein expression of the esophageal cancer patients and discover potential biomarkers by detecting serum proteins mass spectrometry of the healthy Kazakh people in Xinjiang as well as the patients before and after their chemo-radiotherapy. In order to separate and compare(More)
MSDL (Military Scenario Definition Language) is an XML-based language designed to support military scenario development that provides the modeling and simulation community with a common mechanism for verifying and loading military scenarios, the ability to create a military scenario that can be shared between simulations and C4I devices and a way to improve(More)
Auxiliary drive system is one of the most important parts in diesel locomotives. In order to enhance system efficiency, an auxiliary drive system using 3-phase to 3-phase matrix converter and 3-phase to 1-phase matrix converter is proposed for diesel locomotive. A 10 kW 3-phase to 3-phase matrix converter prototype is implemented to feed AC motors in the(More)