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This study presents a second-generation coding and visualization technique for IP Maps to improve usability and analyzability. We expand the details of IP mapping to convey contextual elements of the data production process. We ground our modifications in theories on information quality, context theory and argumentation theory. In-depth case studies allowed(More)
This paper reports our initial study of the remanufacturing process of an organization, with a special focus on the role and nature of the information involved. As a first step, we trace a key physical aircraft component, an aircraft fuel pump, throughout the process of remanufacture. We apply an information product perspective to guide the tracing of(More)
All rights reserved. Short sections of text, not to exceed two paragraphs, may be quoted without explicit permission, provided that full credit including © notice is given to the source. Abstract In this paper we introduce a methodology for analyzing differences regarding security perceptions within and between stakeholders, and the elements which affect(More)
The Tall Building Push-Over Analysis program (TBPOA) puts forward precise, concise and practical ways of 3D push-over analysis and static elasto-plastic analysis for reinforced concrete tall buildings. Column and beam elements of TBPOA are modeled by nonlinear bar units, while wall elements by nonlinear bar units considering shearing deformation. Based on(More)
This paper discussed specifically by focusing on failure analysis study for the successful fault isolation of bit line to bit line (BL) leakage and the formation mechanism of electrical conducting path inside inter level dielectric (ILD) oxide between bit lines in flash cell arrays that has extra topography resulting from two stacked poly-Si layers, which(More)