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The relative organization of genes and repetitive DNAs in complex eukaryotic genomes is not well understood. Diagnostic sequencing indicated that a 280-kilobase region containing the maize Adh1-F and u22 genes is composed primarily of retrotransposons inserted within each other. Ten retroelement families were discovered, with reiteration frequencies ranging(More)
Retrotransposons are a class of mobile DNA sequences in eukaryotes that transpose through a reverse-transcribed RNA intermediate. Retrotransposons containing long terminal repeats have many of the attributes of retroviruses in animals but have not been previously observed to acquire a portion of a cellular gene as RNA tumor viruses do with oncogenes. We(More)
Because of Korea's nationwide Internet capacity, information technology is accelerating the development of electronic democracy and the informatization of public administration in that country. This article analyzes how information technology affects organizational development, using the Korea Procurement Service as a case study. Based on Leavitt's(More)
Chandra Galactic Center Survey detected ∼ 800 X-ray point-like sources in the 2 • × 0.8 • sky region around the Galactic Center. In this paper, we study the spatial and luminosity distributions of these sources according to their spectral properties. Fourteen bright sources detected are used to fit jointly an absorbed power-law model, from which the(More)
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