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Human visual attention system tends to be attracted to perceptual feature points on 3D model surfaces. However, purely geometric-based feature metrics may be insufficient to extract perceptual features, because they tend to detect local structure details. Intuitively, the perceptual importance degree of vertex is associated with the height of its geometry(More)
Class D amplifiers (CDAs) are increasingly ubiquitous as the audio power amplifier (loudspeaker driver) in audio devices due to their significantly higher power-efficiency compared to their linear counterparts. In this paper, a comprehensive review on the design of audio Class D amplifiers is provided, including a comparison of commonly used design(More)
Sketching is a natural human practice. With the popularity of multi-touch tablets and styluses, sketching has become a more popular means of human-computer interaction. However, accurately recognizing sketches is rather challenging, especially when they are drawn by non-professionals. Therefore, automatic sketch understanding has attracted much research(More)
Under the ISO/IEC 18000-6C protocol of UHF RFID an electronic tag's information security is based on password protection, but its natural defect is unable to reject brute tests which can be exhaustive. By the protocol analysis, this article theoretically proves that tags' weak passwords can be cracked. Combined with a concrete Tag-Interrogator module a(More)
Recently, the advances of 3D modeling and virtualizing technologies have led to an explosive increase in the number of 3D models. Therefore, many industrial applications are in urgent need of a 3D model retrieval engine. In this paper, we develop a retrieval system based on three-view sketches of models using a bank of Gabor filters for generating our local(More)
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