Yang Kang

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Ubiquitin receptors connect substrate ubiquitylation to proteasomal degradation. HHR23a binds proteasome subunit 5a (S5a) through a surface that also binds ubiquitin. We report that UIM2 of S5a binds preferentially to hHR23a over polyubiquitin, and we provide a model for the ternary complex that we expect represents one of the mechanisms used by the(More)
BACKGROUND Proteins containing ubiquitin-like (UBL) and ubiquitin associated (UBA) domains have been suggested to shuttle ubiquitinated substrates to the proteasome for degradation. There are three UBL-UBA containing proteins in budding yeast: Ddi1, Dsk2 and Rad23, which have been demonstrated to play regulatory roles in targeting ubiquitinated substrates(More)
This paper reports the facile preparation, mechanical performance and linear viscoelasticity of polyetheramine-cured rubber-like epoxy asphalt composites (EACs) with different asphalt contents. Compared with previous EACs prepared via complex chemical reactions and time-consuming high-temperature curing, the EACs reported here were obtained by using a(More)
The present engineering practices show the potential that epoxy asphalt composites (EACs) would be a better choice to obtain long life for busy roads. To understand the service performance–related thermorheological properties of prepared bimodal anhydrides-cured rubber-like EACs (REACs), a direct tensile tester, dynamic shear rheometer and mathematical(More)
Four criteria are generally used to prioritize agricultural lands for placing conservation buffers. The criteria include soil erodibility, hydrological sensitivity, wildlife habitat, and impervious surface rate that capture conservation buffers' benefits in reducing soil erosion, controlling runoff generation, enhancing wildlife habitat, and mitigating(More)
Sketching is a natural human practice. With the popularity of multi-touch tablets and styluses, sketching has become a more popular means of human-computer interaction. However, accurately recognizing sketches is rather challenging, especially when they are drawn by non-professionals. Therefore, automatic sketch understanding has attracted much research(More)
Human visual attention system tends to be attracted to perceptual feature points on 3D model surfaces. However, purely geometric-based feature metrics may be insufficient to extract perceptual features, because they tend to detect local structure details. Intuitively, the perceptual importance degree of vertex is associated with the height of its geometry(More)
PURPOSE Haplo-insufficiency at the paired box gene 6 (PAX6) locus causes aniridia,which is characterized by iris hypoplasia and other anterior and posterior eye defects leading to poor vision. This study aimed to identify novel PAX6 mutations that lead to familial and sporadic aniridia in northeastern China. METHODS Two aniridia patients from a family and(More)
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