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Effect of somatostatin versus octreotide on portal haemodynamics in patients with cirrhosis and portal hypertension
Objectives Elevated portal inflow is part of the pathogenesis of portal hypertension in patients with cirrhosis. Vasoactive substances appear to play a primary role in the regulation of portal flow.Expand
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Lung CT image segmentation combined multi-scale watershed method and region growing method
Seed point located inside the branch vessels is manually selected and to the growth threshold is determined with the aid of low-scale image region growing. Expand
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Comparison of the Efficacy of Different Treatment Regimens for Tuberculosis
Objective To explore the impact on the prevention and treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis in clinical pulmonary tuberculosis drugs adverse reactions. Methods To choose our hospital in May 2011- MayExpand
Advantage of the Areca Intercropping in Pepper Garden and the Suitable Planting Density
To determine advantages of the intercropping system of areca with black pepper and the suitable planting density, yield and net income were contrasted between the monoculture and intercropping, andExpand
Earth's critical zone: a holistic framework for geo-environmental researches
Major resource,environmental and ecological issues faced in the current economic society form a web of linked dependencies among environments,societies and economies. A new approach is needed toExpand
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Calculating the Radial Thrust Rolling Bearing's Axial Force by Additional Thrust Force Method
The bearing's axial force of the radial thrust rolling bearing is usually calculated by identifying whether it is the compressed point or the loosened point. The identification method used today isExpand
Multi-objective Optimization of UOE Welded Pipe Production Process Based on Time Series Model
The calculation for the optimization of the effective realization of UOE welded pipe production process, the algorithm for solving the optimization model and with a comprehensive consideration of theExpand
Thinking on the solution to relevant cases in highway project test inspection
Integrating with the features of highway project test inspection,starting from the final solutions to three cases,it proposes relevant requirements for the lab and the test inspectors,with a view toExpand
Primary Exploration of Refined Management in Cultivated Land Informatization Construction
This paper summed up the geographic information technology in land resources management application,expounded the significance of refined management in cultivated land management.Reflections on theExpand
Validity Conformation of the Administration Case Directing System
The Case directing system with Chinese characteristics included courts,prosecutors and administration.In which the administration case directing system has just started in practice,carrying theExpand