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Double-slit electron interferometers fabricated in high mobility two-dimensional electron gases are powerful tools for studying coherent wave-like phenomena in mesoscopic systems. However, they suffer from low visibility of the interference patterns due to the many channels present in each slit, and from poor sensitivity to small currents due to their open(More)
While transfusion-transmissible diseases, including AIDS and viral hepatitis, continue to spread especially in developing countries, the issue of safeguarding the world's blood supply is of paramount importance. China houses more than 20% of the earth's population, and thus its blood supply has the potential to affect the global community. In recent years,(More)
Melanocyte-specific CD8(+) cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTLs) play a pivotal role in vitiligo-induced depigmentation. Yet, the mechanisms underlying the high frequency of generalized autoimmune disorders associated with generalized vitiligo (GV) are unknown. We hypothesized that an imbalance between activated CD8(+) CTLs and regulatory T cells (Tregs) exists in(More)
Coexistence of heterogeneous networks such as cellular, wireless local area network (WLAN), ultra-wideband (UWB) etc. brings new challenges. It is perceived that current radio resource management mechanism cannot meet the requirements of multi-radio access technologies (multi-RATs). This paper proposes a novel intelligent multi-agent radio resource(More)
Irrigated rice fields in Uruguay are temporarily established on soils used as cattle pastures. Typically, 4 years of cattle pasture are alternated with 2 years of irrigated rice cultivation. Thus, oxic upland conditions are rotated with seasonally anoxic wetland conditions. Only the latter conditions are suitable for the production of CH4 from anaerobic(More)
Methanogenic microbial communities in soil and sediment function only when the environment is inundated and anoxic. In contrast to submerged soils, desiccation of lake sediments happens only rarely. However, some predictions suggest that extreme events of drying will become more common in the Amazon region, and this will promote an increase in sediments(More)
Datasets originating from social networks are very valuable to many fields such as sociology and psychology. However, the supports from technical perspective are far from enough, and specific approaches are urgently in need. This paper applies data mining to psychology area for detecting depressed users in social network services. Firstly, a sentiment(More)
The openness and extensibility of Android have made it a popular platform for mobile devices and a strong candidate to drive the Internet-of-Things. Unfortunately, these properties also leave Android vulnerable, attracting attacks for profit or fun. To mitigate these threats, numerous issue-specific solutions have been proposed. With the increasing number(More)