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Effect of Al antioxidant in MgO–C refractory on the formation of Al2O3-rich inclusions in high-carbon steel for saw wire under vacuum conditions
Al2O3-rich (>70 wt-%) inclusions generally hard and non-deformable are extremely detrimental for saw wire. In order to explore the source of this type of inclusion and provide solutions, experimentsExpand
Effect of chemical fractionation treatment on structure and characteristics of pyrolysis products of Xinjiang long flame coal
Abstract The Xinjiang region is one of the most important energy bases in China. A demineralized coal treated by the chemical fractionation method will provide a promising approach to evaluate theExpand
Effect of Deoxidation Process on Inclusion and Fatigue Performance of Spring Steel for Automobile Suspension
Abstract55SiCrA spring steel was smelted in a vacuum induction levitation furnace. The liquid steel was treated by Si deoxidation, Al modification with Ca treatment and Al modification, and the steelExpand
Influence of calcium treatment on cleanness and fatigue life of 60Si2MnA spring steel
Contrasting experiments of Al killed 60Si2MnA spring steel were carried out between using and excluding calcium treatment under LF refining slags with low and high basicity ratios (R: CaO/SiO2 = 3.4,Expand
Synthesis and characterization of spinel Li1.05Cr0.1Mn1.9O4−zFz as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries
Samples with the nominal stoichiometry Li1.05Cr0.1Mn1.9O4−zFz (z=0, 0.05, 0.1, 0.15, and 0.2) were synthesized via the solid-state reaction method and characterized by X-ray powder diffraction (XRD),Expand
Few-layer graphene oxide with high yield via efficient surfactant-assisted exfoliation of mildly-oxidized graphite
Abstract A surfactant-assisted ultrasonic exfoliation of mildly oxidized graphite has been successfully demonstrated. Four typical surfactants including three cationic surfactants and one anionicExpand
Aggregation mechanism of colloidal kaolinite in aqueous solutions with electrolyte and surfactants
The cationic surfactant has a better flocculation effect because it can be used in a wide pH range and its adsorption can reduce the electrostatic repulse force between kaolinite particles. Expand
Assembling reduced graphene oxide hydrogel with controlled porous structures using cationic and anionic surfactants.
The experimental results showed that surfactants could modify the structure of as-prepared RGOH but did not change the chemical or physical properties of the reduced graphene oxide sheets. Expand
Effects of K2CO3 Addition on Inclusions in High-Carbon Steel for Saw Wire
Abstract In order to avoid the formation of crack initiation sites, inclusions in high-carbon steel for saw wire are strictly required to have excellent deformability. However, it is hard to achieveExpand