Yang Haiyang

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Knitting is an ancient and yet, a fresh technique. It has a history of no less than 1,000 years. The development of tissue engineering and regenerative medicine provides a new role for knitting. Several meshes knitted from synthetic or biological materials have been designed and applied, either alone, to strengthen materials for the patching of soft(More)
The computer control technique is used to control lapping pressure on-line in this paper. In the starting period of lapping, contacting state between the workpiece surface and lapping tool surface is not ideal case. In order to reduce the impact between the workpiece and lapping tool, in starting lapping, the lapping pressure is lower, and then increases(More)
This paper proposes a new method to control lapping speed of the lapping machine properly, which may reduce lapping stroke and improve lapping accuracy and quality. In the beginning of lapping, the rotating acceleration of the lapping tool is controlled. It makes the acceleration increase from zero slowly. When lapping speed reaches a certain figure,(More)
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