Yang Hai Rui

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Prediction-error expansion (PEE) is an important reversible data hiding technique, which can hide large messages into digital media with little distortion. In this paper, we propose a nearest neighborhood pixel prediction algorithm (NNP) for reversible data hiding algorithms based on Chinese Remainder Theorem (CRT), in which a rhombus prediction is applied(More)
The paper introduces a new approach, that is, semantic Web techniques, to shed a new light on the solutions for local e-government information portal. After taking the comparison between traditional approaches and semantic approaches, the design of architecture and components of a local e-government information portal are illustrated in details based on(More)
Features of Tibetan-websites are analyzed first in this paper. Then, the method to collect Tibetan-websites is introduced in three steps: collect the web pages using Tibetan high-frequency words first, judge whether the web page is in Tibetan or not according to the frequency of Tibetan syllable dot in one web page, at last, find the URL of Tibetan-website(More)
In a complex network, different groups of nodes may have existed for different amounts of time. To detect the evolutionary history of a network is of great importance. We present a spectral-analysis based method to address this fundamental question in network science. In particular, we find that there are complex networks in the real-world for which there(More)
In current wavelet-based still image compression, the choice of wavelet filter is of great importance, and many issues relating to it remain unresolved. This paper presents a method on linear-regression model based wavelet filter evaluation for image compression. This method analyses several factors (including image’s brightness, image’s(More)
This paper describes OSPF's work principles, calculation steps and application situations; mainly the application of OSPF in school domain network and relevant parameters setting. As an important internal gateway protocol, OSPF has an important effect on the network performance. The author makes a network planning by using OSPF to a university which is(More)
As the parallel distributed architectures are increasing used to solve the large-scale scientific problems, the scheduling algorithm which can heavily affect the communication overhead and the execution time is becoming more and more important for the optimization of parallel programs in real distribute system or in the performance prediction to make more(More)
We have realized a watermark embedding system based on audio perceptual masking and brought forward a watermark detection system using pre-processing technology. We can detect watermark from watermarked audio without original audio by using this method. The results have indicated that this embedding and detecting method is robust, on the premise of not(More)
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