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Projected changes of extreme weather events in the eastern United States based on a high resolution climate modeling system
This study is the first evaluation of dynamical downscaling using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model on a 4 km 4 km high resolution scale in the eastern US driven by the new CommunityExpand
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Global carbon budgets simulated by the Beijing Climate Center Climate System Model for the last century
The paper examines terrestrial and oceanic carbon budgets from preindustrial time to present day in the version of Beijing Climate Center Climate System Model (BCC-CSM1.1) which is a global fullyExpand
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Assessment of effects of heavy metals combined pollution on soil enzyme activities and microbial community structure: modified ecological dose–response model and PCR-RAPD
A laboratory study was conducted to evaluate the response of soil enzyme activities (namely dehydrogenase, phosphatase and urease) to different levels of trace element pollution in soilExpand
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The impact of emission and climate change on ozone in the United States under representative concentration pathways (RCPs)
Abstract. Dynamical downscaling was applied in this study to link the global climate-chemistry model Community Atmosphere Model (CAM-Chem) with the regional models Weather Research and ForecastingExpand
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Toward advanced daily cloud-free snow cover and snow water equivalent products from Terra-Aqua MODIS and Aqua AMSR-E measurements
By taking advantage of the high spatial resolution of optical sensors and cloud penetration of a passive microwave sensor, a method is developed to generate new daily cloud-free snow cover (SC) andExpand
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A global synthesis of the rate and temperature sensitivity of soil nitrogen mineralization: latitudinal patterns and mechanisms.
Soil net nitrogen (N) mineralization (Nmin ) is a pivotal process in the global N cycle regulating the N availability of plant growth. Understanding the spatial patterns of Nmin, its temperatureExpand
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Impact assessment of biomass burning on air quality in Southeast and East Asia during BASE-ASIA
A synergy of numerical simulation, ground-based measurement and satellite observation was applied to evaluate the impact of biomass burning originating from Southeast Asia (SE Asia) within theExpand
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Chromium contamination accident in China: viewing environment policy of China.
  • Yang Gao, J. Xia
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  • 19 September 2011
C (Cr) is the second most abundant inorganic groundwater contaminant at hazardous waste sites. Due to the difference in the toxic nature of both the forms of Cr, the discharge of Cr (VI) into surfaceExpand
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Partial nitrification adjusted by hydroxylamine in aerobic granules under high DO and ambient temperature and subsequent Anammox for low C/N wastewater treatment
Abstract Partial nitritation–Anammox process is regarded as a promising nitrogen removal method for nitrogen removal from low C/N wastewaters. In the present work, stable partial nitrification wasExpand
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Probe into gaseous pollution and assessment of air quality benefit under sector dependent emission control strategies over megacities in Yangtze River Delta, China
Abstract On February 29th 2012, China published its new National Ambient Air Quality Standard (CH-NAAQS) aiming at revising the standards and measurements for both gaseous pollutants including ozoneExpand
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