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Power system small signal stability analysis aims to explore diierent small signal stability conditions and controls, namely, 1) exploring the power system security domains and boundaries in the space of power system parameters of interest, including load ow feasibility, saddle node and Hopf bifurcation ones, 2) nding the maximum and minimum damping(More)
As important constituents of activated sludge flocs, extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) play significant roles in pollutants adsorption, the formation and maintenance of microbial aggregates, and the protection of microbes from external environmental stresses. In this work, EPS in activated sludge from a municipal wastewater treatment plant (M-WWTP)(More)
Due to the dynamic process of maximum power point tracking (MPPT) caused by turbulence and large rotor inertia, variable-speed wind turbines (VSWTs) cannot maintain the optimal tip speed ratio (TSR) from cut-in wind speed up to the rated speed. Therefore, in order to increase the total captured wind energy, the existing aerodynamic design for VSWT blades,(More)
This paper analyzes possible anomalies in Web Services execution during a composition, it introduces different strategies to face these anomalies and a solution for fault tolerance on Web Services compositions based on synchronization. This solution is as follows: when an anomaly is found, the process calculates the affected area and it rolls back the(More)
The structure of bio-carriers is one of the key operational characteristics of a biofilm reactor. The goal of this study is to develop a series of novel fullerene-type bio-carriers using the three-dimensional printing (3DP) technique. 3DP can fabricate bio-carriers with more specialized structures compared with traditional fabrication processes. In this(More)
Competitive market forces and the ever-growing load demand are two of the key issues that cause power systems to operate closer to their system stability boundaries. Open access has since introduced competition and therefore promotes interregional electrical power trades. However, the economic flows of electrical energy between interconnected regions are(More)
This paper presents a systematic framework to evaluate the performance of conservation voltage reduction (CVR) by determining suitable substations for CVR in operations planning. Existing CVR planning practice generally only focuses on the energy saving aspect without taking other underlying attributes into account, i.e., network topology and reduced(More)
Silk fibers suffer from microstructural changes due to various external environmental conditions including daily washings. In this paper, we take the backscattering Mueller matrix images of silk samples for non-destructive and real-time quantitative characterization of the wavelength-scale microstructure and examination of the effects of washing by(More)